Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hello, it's been a while. :) I'm happy to say that after way too long a time, I finally have something new to share. Haha. In line with the new year, I've embarked on a new adventure and have accepted the challenge of taking my pen and ink art to a much larger scale.

That up there is an 8 sqm wall surface at a lovely office in Legaspi Village. It's probably the most challenging project to date... and I realized just how important it is to keep taking on things you've never done before; and once in a while, to take on difficult projects that scare you to death. Because through those things, you'll actually feel yourself stretching, growing and struggling through every painful stroke that signifies improvement.

Accumulatively, I already spent 12 hours on that wall... and for some reason, I really feel that it's worth it.

Today is the last day of the first month of the year. And I kind of just wanted to mask the anxiety and panic and overwhelmed-ness that I feel... with excitement and happiness and gratitude. 

Because it means the world to me that I'm able to do what I love. :)

Here's to the first mural of the year - may it be the first of many!

Monday, October 26, 2015


There are times when my life's zest and fullness get back at me and leave me exhausted. Now would be one of those times - and I mean, now in this moment and not now as in this general time in my life.

I'm kind of tired. Exhausted, if I may.

I am starting to feel the fine line between living life to the fullest and not living at all because that is right where I am. I feel everything - every emotion that comes with every situation. 

It's all fleeting, fleeting, fleeting.
And then, nothing, nothing, nothing.

This morning, I woke up scared for an exam I was totally unprepared for. It stressed me out a lot. 

This afternoon, I was happy. Really, truly happy to have been able to share my story and inspire people through my art.

After that, I was uncomfortable, to have had a little piece of my confident, business-owner self exposed to another world, one that has not seen the side of me that is comfortable with being great.

A little later, I was upset. For no particular reason. I just was.

This evening, as I recall this rollercoaster of a day, try to arrange my plans this week and endeavor to stay on top of all my commitments and deadlines and duties and responsibilities and tasks and projects and dreams and everything I have voluntarily gotten myself into - I feel nothing again. This is the good kind of nothing though. The nothing that's about to be a whole lot of something's. The stop before the go. The calm before my night's storm. The pause.

It's a lovely Monday evening. I am currently sitting back with a cup of coffee, staring at my life and all its aspects and I am thinking to myself: where the hell do I begin?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

September Thirteen

Here is something I posted on my old blog two years ago, for two people that are very dear to my heart. :) Reposting it now because, well, it's September 13 again. That was fast, huh? Haha. Anyway, to Mae and Jasper, who are both somewhere in California right now, happy, happy birthday. <3 Enjoy re-reading this. Haha.

- - - - - -
To be honest, I’ve been struggling for quite a while, trying to figure out how to start this blog entry. How do you start talking about people that have made such a big impact on your life? Or people that have inspired you as much as these two inspired me?
You just do, I guess. You just start typing out exactly what pops into your head and try to be as honest as possible.
Well, here goes an attempt to do exactly that.
- - - - - -
First, there’s Samantha Mae Coyiuto.
Many of you have probably heard that name before. I met her when I was only grade 3 and even then, she was already better than most of us. I was busy climbing trees back then and she was already writing and publishing story books! However, aside from the fact that she has already written 4 books (I think it's 6 already, cause she just published another one last month!), writes her own column in the Philippine Star, graduated part of the Top 10 of the batch, started her own foundation to promote literacy in the Philippines, endorsed a big time sports brand and… can you believe it… did all of that before she turned 18, she’s still that clumsy, bubbly, baby girl I met and love so much.
It’s her humility that inspired me, along with so many other people. Until today, I find it so hard to comprehend how she managed to do all those things and still find the time to eat pizza with her best friends. To add to that, during all those sleepovers we’ve had, I never felt even the slightest trace of pride. Although she, of all people, had the right to boast, she never did. And even if she had all the power to make everyone around her feel so, so small, she never did. She did the exact opposite actually. Mae has always had this way of making people feel special. Her novel – text messages and letters are almost 100% effective… ask anyone. They’ll surely agree with me.
In short, Mae is beautiful.
In the purest and most basic sense.
Next, we have Jasper Tan.
You may have also heard of this name before, as he has several videos posted on Youtube. He is, hands down, one of the most talented musicians I have ever known. And I believe in my heart that he is a musical prodigy because I have witnessed his expertise one too many times. He can play better versions of everything on the piano and almost every other musical instrument. He is the genius behind all the nice songs I have that are posted online. Oh, and I don’t think anyone knows my flaws as a singer more than he does. Recording with me is probably very tedious for him because, honestly, I make a lot of mistakes. Every time I laugh, cough, or mess up the lyrics, we have to repeat. He does all the technical work and I usually just stand there, without any tech-y knowledge to contribute. However, what I love most about our recording sessions is the conversation that squeezes itself  in between all the playing and singing.
Jasper’s the type of person that really listens. You can usually tell while you’re talking. If you feel they’re not really listening, you shorten your story and eventually stop. Now, the problem when people truly listen is that, well, it gets really hard to stop. So, I sometimes find myself sharing so much about so many random things. Things I didn’t expect to even bring up with him. But if I were to judge him just by conversations we have, I would already be able to say so much. He’s a real gentleman. Sweet. Super thoughtful. Caring. Loves his family. Loves God. Respects girls. Notices all the small things. If you had the chance to talk to him, I bet you’d be able to say all that about him and more.
Now, humility is something Jasper and Mae have in common. When you stand in a room with him, you really wouldn’t think he’s as talented as he is. Or that he owns the biggest bee in the country! Can anyone really have all that and be all that but have not a single tinge of “air”?
This guy is living proof.
- - - - - -
Coincidentally, both of them are celebrating their birthdays today.
I guess God felt so good on the 13th of September, that He decided to bless the world with not one but, two great people.
And here I am, trying to figure out what I did right… to have been given the opportunity know them.

Happy birthday, Mae and Jasper!

Love and miss you both!
— The End —